6045PRO CNC Router


The 6045PRO CNC router has a the largest work area of the Minimillr range. It’s ready to make your big ideas real!

The 6045 comes fully assembled and tested and includes a single speed 800W trim router. 6mm and 1/4″ collet adapters are provided.

Every machine includes tools and starter cutters to get started. You just provide the stock.

Works with Easel CAD/CAM software, the ‘worlds easiest to use CNC machine system’.

Key Features

  • Large cutting area of 600x450x75mm (X*Y*Z)
  • 18MM MDF bed waste board
  • 800W AC Spindle
  • Precision Linear Slides on Y and Z axes
  • Fully assembled

Questions? email: hello@minimillr.com or Call: 01458 254255

Technical Specifications

Cut Volume600 x 450 x 75mm (XYZ)
Bed Area770 x 490mm (XY)
Spindle Power800W AC Router
Spindle Speed0 to 10000 RPM
Collet6mm and ¼” collets
Bed18mm MDF Spoilboard
FrameAluminium with Stainless Fasteners
ControlUSB running GRBL 1.1 on Arduino
Drive SystemHigh torque NEMA17 drives, T8 Leadscrew. Anti-backlash POM nuts
Accuracy+/-0.1mm or better
Bearings12mm circular ball races on supported rail on X, precision linear slides on Y and Z
CAD Program

CAD format
Machine Control

Fusion 360, FreeCAD, Solidworks, Rhino, Sketchup, Inkscape and more
Easel, Kiri:Moto, F-Engrave, Laser GRBL, Carbide Create
Easel, Candle or UGS

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