Easel Users – Quick Start Guide

Easel is an all in one browser based CAD/CAM package that includes everything you need to make parts under one platform. Since the Minimillr uses GRBL it is compatible with Easel.

Visit https://easel.inventables.com/ and set up an Easel account.

In the Easel editor, click the blue Carve button in the top right, you will be prompted to install the Easel driver. A blue button means the Minimillr is not connected. The Carve button will turn green when the machine is correctly set up by following these steps.

Download and install the Easel driver.

Click the Carve button again after installation, you will be told Easel cannot see the machine.

Manually set up the machine up as Other(grbl). Set the model to Other.

If Easel cannot autodetect the machine, click the ‘Enter COM port manually’.

Use the COM port number shown in Control Panel>Device Manager under ‘Ports’, expand to see the allocated COM port. With the correct port selected and the machine on, you can control the machine from Easel.

The Carve button will be green when the connection is made. You can then jog the mill, and follow the steps to start cutting.

For a Easel software tutorial, check out this Easel getting started video from Inventables. There also are many Easel tutorials on YouTube.

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