Software and Drivers


Please see the blog post Free CAM Software for CNC Routers for an up to date list of free CAD/CAM software.

The Minimillr uses open source GRBL for gcode parsing and motion control. This means there are many compatible software packages that can be used for free with the Minimillr.

Some have design, toolpath creation and machine control integrated for ease of use like Easel from Inventables. Here is a list free software to get started.

Easel is easy to use, and has a free package with a good amount of functionality.


The Minimillr uses an Arduino controller that requires a USB to Serial driver to send and receive commands from your PC. In most cases Windows will install the driver.

The driver is available to download here as a ZIP file, and here as an EXE file. Run setup.exe once downloaded/extracted.

Easel users need to install the Easel Driver as well as the USB>Serial Driver.

Still having problems connecting to the machine? Close other programs that could be locking out the serial port, such as 3D printing software Cura.
Please see here for more detailed information here on solving connection issues with your Minimillr machine.

Software for CNC Machine Control

Once you have created your toolpaths you need to send them to the machine. GCode senders can control the machine, move the cutting head, stream the code and give you machine co-ordinates and status.

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